Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fine Art of Surfacing

I am coming up for air after a rather frantic start to the new year (hence the title of this post, and it's also one of the first albums that I ever bought...)

Every year I manage to forget just how hectic the start of the year is. I am sure that others do as well. This year it has been particularly manic as we have "over-recruited" into Physics (...but better not complain, eh?) My first year class is now over 300. The sheer number of requests, issues, problems, questions that 300 people away at University for the very first time seem to be able to generate surprises me every year....

But the show is rolling now; we have RF clickers that are working (sort of), workshops that are getting going and the first diagnostic test assessment coming in online. The best excuse I have heard so far this year was one student asking me to reset his online test submission, as the time expired "because I had to go to my tango class